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We are committed to bring cutting-edge crypto investments to anyone.


A world where anyone can benefit from investment opportunities made possible by blockchain technology.


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We believe staying on the verge of emerging technologies is vital to delivering top tier services, and we take this very seriously.


We're commited to providing our clients with innovative investment approaches.


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We never settle. We're always looking for new ways to beat the market.


We're commited to providing our clients with innovative investment approaches.


Promote a friendly environment in which the best ideas win.

Frequently Asked

Crypto has slowly but surely positioned itself as a major investment asset class in recent years. This is a consequence of blockchain, the groundbreaking technology behind crypto that will revolutionize all industries in the upcoming years. We strongly believe that every investor should have an allocation of crypto in their portfolios and we want to provide an easy way for anyone to achieve this.
Ridian was created out of the personal necessity of the founders to find a consistent way to invest in cryptoassets. We offer our clients access to a variety of investing strategies ranging from an interactive indexed approach to high frequency trading algorithms.
Due to the natural volatility of markets, it can be very difficult to decide exactly what to invest in and it normally requires a considerable amount of time and expertise. For that reason, indexed financial products were created to allow people to invest in a basket of assets without having to worry about exactly what to buy. A market cap weighetd index allows you to buy a group of stocks, bonds or any other asset in proportion to what the market currently values it at. The most common example of this approach is the S&P 500 index, which tracks the 500 largest companies in the United States. This approach can be particularly useful in crypto because of the extreme volatility in the space.
Whenever you want to buy anything from any market you need to answer two questions: 1. Where can I buy what I want? 2. What should I buy? Our partner’s brokerage platforms are some of the largest crypto exchanges in the world and this allows us to solve the first problem. However, they can’t help you decide what to buy, and this is where Ridian comes in. Once connected to your account on any exchange, Ridian manages your positions for you without your tokens ever having to leave it. By using our partner’s brokerage platforms to store the crytpo, we can leverage the infrastructure of the world’s largest crypto brokers to our advantage.
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