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Ridian - Estrategias de inversión automatizadas en Crypto
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Ridian - Estrategias de inversión automatizadas en Crypto

+10,000 registered users already use Ridian.

You will be able to connect your favorite exchange in minutes

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How Ridian Works.

Starting to invest is very simple with Ridian

Step 1
Connect your exchange
Funds remain safe on your exchange (no transfer). Ridian supports Binance, Bitso, Kraken,, and OKX.
Step 2
Choose a strategy
7 secure trading strategies to choose from.
Step 3
Select assets to invest
Select what funds in your exchange you want to invest in the strategy. Your funds will always remain in your exchange, available to you.
Step 4
Say goodbye to manual trading
When you activate a strategy, the strategy will trade on your behalf in your exchange.


Your funds always remain in your exchange.


Your funds are safe

You don't need to deposit funds in Ridian. Your funds always remain in your exchange, available to you. Ridian can never withdraw your funds.

Secure connection

Ridian connects to your exchange via API, so the strategy you choose can execute the necessary operations.

Thousands of users trust Ridian.

"I loved the ease of connecting my Binance account, the dashboard has all the information I need and is very intuitive"

testimonial-Juan Pablo Vilar

Juan Pablo Vilar

Founder & CEO @Dlife.Mx

"Since I started using Ridian, my cryptocurrency portfolio has grown steadily and with less volatility. It is definitely the tool that all investors should have"

testimonial-Carlos Mendoza

Carlos Mendoza

Financial Analyst

"Ridian has allowed me to diversify into the crypto world in a smart and strategic way. Your Blue Chip strategy has been a real eye opener for my investments"

testimonial-Isabel Fernández

Isabel Fernández

Investment Director

"Thanks to Ridian, I now have access to the most innovative financial technologies and the future of decentralized finance. It is the perfect companion for any investor looking for the future"

testimonial-Diego Ruiz

Diego Ruiz

Technological Entrepreneur

"The Smart Contract Select strategy offered me the opportunity to have exposure to a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies, allowing me to capitalize on several innovations at the same time. It is the solution I was looking for to diversify my investments in this space"

Sofía Guzmán

Independent Investor

Ridian FAQ.

What is Ridian?

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How does Ridian work?

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How much does Ridian cost? What are the investment minimums?

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What is the best strategy for me?

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