Access the Best FX Rates

Ridian provides institutions with a full suite of FX trading services that leverages alternative rails to achieve competitive rates and settle international transfers instantly.


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Built for Mexican Financial Institutions

Our clients securely and compliantly participate in digital asset markets from order execution to cross-border transactions—all from within the most advanced digital systems.

Cross-Border Transactions

How it Works

Through our platform, financial institutions can perform cross-border transactions originating from Mexico to destination bank accounts in multiple jurisdictions.

Our clients never interact with digital assets directly. All transactions made by them are through our regulated fiat infrastructure.

Instant Settlements

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Alternative Rails

We leverage blockchain technology and local payment rails to achieve instant settlement of cross-border transactions. Allowing our clients to process payments in as little as one business day with the full amount on delivery guaranteed.

Global Coverage & Regulatory Compliance
We prioritize regulatory compliance and security of funds.
Our partners include regulated financial institutions that allow our clients to make international payments compliantly and locally, in a wide range of currency pairs.

Execution Services

We offer an order execution platform for Principal OTCs to trade digital assets and achieve price improvement using proprietary high frecuency trading algorithms that include maker and taker strategies.


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